About Me

I’m one of five brothers and sisters, married with two kids and two grand children. I have been educated and employed under a variety of different titles ranging from Parts Person to Emergency Medical Technician to IT Technician to Heavy Equipment Operator and so on. Jack of all trades, master of...  a few.

I enjoy family, keeping up on technology, yard work, tearing things apart and trying to fix them. Made a hobby out of taking pictures, pretty much because my wife Teresa does it. It’s a nice way to spend some time together and it opens your eyes to what’s around you.

Picked up a new hobby - the weather. Can’t get around it, can’t avoid it, can’t predict it - so I might as well try to understand it.

I also like to golf. Not very good at it, but fun just the same.
First and foremost, I’m a papa.
The rest is pretty much a foot note.
I am opinionated in regards to politics, technology, religion and family. I’ll argue with you and call your bluff. I appreciate being proven wrong.