About this..

I just needed a place where I could post different things that I find interesting. Anything from pictures and videos to stories and articles that I have found newsworthy. Probably lots of pictures. My wife took up photography so eventually I bought a camera to follow her around with. Any stories or articles I post could be on anything from D.I.Y. projects, camping, technology, politics or current events. So pretty much anything. Caution.. I am opinionated however I will also try to research what I write about before I put my foot in my mouth. That said, I still may offend you so just a heads up here. One project I'm hoping to create is a live weather feed for our area. Yup.. I have a weather station.

This is just the beginning and I suppose there will be some tweaks to this site and most definitely additions so go ahead and dive in. Hope you find something useful.

Dave Grass
Dave Grass ~ Owned and operated by his grandkids.

Heads up